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Exhibition 2009

The Corlust Meccano Club first exhibition took place in Tandragee Recreation Centre on the 17th and 18th of October 2009. The show was a great success over that weekend and we thrilled the visiting public with some of the clubs creations. The Club has been going for only 11 Months now with only a few members and with the support,of Meccano UK who also came on board this year and other local sponsers helped us put on a great show and made that weekend for those who attended.

The CMC Members would like to thank Billy Middleton for all his hard work on the day taking photos and recording the event.

Shoot of Ians Table Toms Table including his magnificant Tram Stuart J From Dublin area presented a few box sets and a great O-Gauge layout
Samuels table including his Fire engine and Stephensons Rocket We were lucky on the saturday to have Neil Tee come up and join and bring some of his delightful Models. Also on display was Neils Double decker Bus
Neils Meccano Car Ians Traction Engine Frank M CMC Member Brought along a great array of his models and heres a Part collection of them.
The CMC Welcomed The Lord Mayor Thomas O'Hanlon from Armagh District Council Bills Tower Bridge Bills small models
Bills Paddle steamer We also had another enthusiastic visitor Billy and his collection of models Another shot of Franks Models

Meccano School's Challenge

During the Saturday of the show, 11 schools from Tandragee and the surrounding towns including Portadown, Armagh, Craigavon, Banbridge, Poyntspass and Markethill, were invited to take part in the inter-schools challenge. It was a great success the senior schools that attended were building the Special edition train set one of the senior schools team consisted of two girls from Lismore in craigavon who performed exceptionally well and found the train although difficult for some not too much of a challenge and the CMC crew were very impressed

The Juniors Built The ferris wheel set and the Club members were impressed with how well the juniors got on with completing the model as we were sure that some of the junior members taking part hadn't seen a meccano set and were able to take on the new challenges and learning skills that come with Meccano.

The Club would also like to thank one parent of the teams taking part in the schools challenge who made a generous donation to the CMC, this as he said was his way of thanking us for what we were doing and all our hard work.

The photos below were taken on the Saturday during the schools challenge.

Tandragee JHS Building Meccano train Lismore Comprehensive school Building Meccano Train Clare PS Building Ferris Wheel
Armstrong Primary School Ballydown Primary School Another shot of the schools challenge.
Completed Ferris wheel by Ballydown

The Club Members would like to thank all the following for the help and support in enabling CMC to put together the show that they did, which without the show wouldn't have been the success that it was. The event has been kindly supported and sponsored by:

  • Armagh City and District Council

  • Meccano Uk Oxfordshire

  • A&C Vechile Components Portadown(02838 330700)

  • Patterson Footwear Tandragee(02838 841549)

  • Gribben tractor and plant sales Portadown(02838 331857)

  • Mark Harrison Recovery Service Tandragee (07725655566)

  • D.H Fuels oil and coal Portadown(07790710516)

  • Michael Hill Chemist Tandragee
    (02838 840209)

  • G.M Tyres Tandragee (02838 849169)

  • C&D Joinery Clare Tandragee
    (02838 318721)

  • Walter Baird Hardware Tandragee (02838849993)

  • Agnew Engineering Laurencetown
    (028 4062 9660)

**Exhibition in conjunction with
and kindly supported by Meccano UK**

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Exhibition 2008

All of these pictures are from the exhibition which was held in Enniskillen Library on 1st November 2008. Click image to see larger picture.

**Exhibition in conjunction with
and kindly supported by Meccano UK**

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Frank Murphy demonstrates a Meccano car to Matthew, Eloise & Alan Gault at the Meccano event. Frank Murphy's spitfire and the tails of other models. Front view of showman's engine.
Ian Wilson's supermodel beam engine. Ian Wilson's plastic Meccano on stage. Meccano train on display with which children had to build.
One of Mark's models built with a donated set (many thanks for the donation!) One of the team's getting a wee pep talk by Ian! Passing shoot across the room with ferris wheel centre.
Picture of across the room with working double skywheel. Selwyn's shop display model windmill sitting beside Frank's Meccano lorry Showman's engine at exhibition (still awaiting roof!)
Some of the models getting scrutineered by the younger generation. Spykee robot in action (Nov. 1st 2008). Supermodel of the cyclone in action.
Swings and octopus and some of the crowd including Neil's bus. The Meccano swings at completion. Swings getting a rest after working at the funfair!
View of Frank's models.