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2011 Christmas Meal

The members of the Corlust Meccano Club got together and suggested that the club go out for a christmas meal and this was partly to thank Arlene for her hospitality in putting up with us for every meeting and showing great interest in the models that the members bring along to the club, most of the club members were able to attend including one of our new members Paul and the meal went well with the usual banter and a good night was had by all Thank you Arlene for all your hard work in the kitchen??

Website update

The website has now been updated with paul and keiths pictures our two new members with some of their models which bring a new lease of life to the website its good to see some fresh models with new ideas and building techniques to the club

2011 Clubs Activities

The members of the CMC this year have attended the usual two shows in Bangor as well as a few new shows including skegex and a few local shows that the club havent attended before and we round the year off with a final display in the Hollywood Arches Library there are a few more pictures to be added to the website that will include the chrismas dinner and the shows we have attended in 2011 look out for the updates

New Member

The CMC Are pleased to welcome our new member Keith which the club picked up through an ebay purchase we hope to see some of your work shortly

New Member

Some of The CMC members (Frank Ian and Mark) took a table at a toy fair / exhibition in Irvinestown 3 weeks ago and the response in that part of the country was good and luckily for us we bumped into another closet meccano builder Paul Anderson from just outside Banbridge which is only 8 miles away from the CMC Base he showed great interest in us and came along to the next meeting he seemed to throughly enjoy himself and it looks like the cmc have gained another new member

Skegex 2011

Some of The CMC members (Ian and Mark) took a table at The big Meccano Show at Skegness this year we brought along three models 1 ping pong machine 1 very tempermental marble run machine and the test rig for the Cat Track all our models went down very well with the other exhibitors, organisers etc and thankyou Geoff Brown for the invite

As well as the models we packed a van full of girders which went down very well with both the visitors and the exhibitors who took a great interest and made many a purchase, Thankyou

Ian and Mark would like to thank all those that made us welcome including Ralph and Sue, John Ozyer-Key Richard Payne John Thorpe Dave Taylor Albert ? with a wounded purse :~( and everyone else that we failed to mention,,we had a great time and hope to attend next years 2012 gathering

New Parts

The CMC are now offering GRB Kits , 167b and circular plates in mid red and 70's blue check out the parts for sale page for more info also we are now supplying light green girders with a large stock for the LG Builders and 78 blue for the the DB Builders who may be having problems getting building material

more photos added

The clubs website has had a little work done and several pictures of their December/ mid Febuary show been added to the more photos page

C M C feature

we would also like to thank the Runnymeed Meccano Guild for featuring the C M C cat track in their last issue,,, thank you

North Down Railway show

The crew of the C M C have been invited back once again to do another we stand at Bangor leisure centre,, last year we knocked their socks off with some fantastic models and were awarded best none railway stand,,This year we will be raising the bar higher with more new models including 2 very large cranes and a cat tracked vehicle ,, for thoseof you who look forward to seeing what we have to offer this year you wont be dissapointed

dates to follow very SOON

New Club member

The Club welcomes to the CMC another member Billy Middleton who joined the club around September this year. Although Billy was known to the club and has helped out the club this past year or more we found it very hard to secure Billy as a member, due to personal reasons. Poor Billy caved into the pressure within the CMC and now we are glad to have such a dedicated meccano man within our midst.

Breaking News
Sir William Arrol Cantilever Crane.

The Club a while ago expressed an interest in making one of Harland and Wolfe Cranes and got a little bit mixed up along the way with not knowing that many years ago Harland and Wolfe shipyard once owned one of the great cranes of yesteryear, Peter Goddard came forth and offered a set of plans for the cantilever crane that has long since disappeared, the CMC couldn't pass up this oportunity to bring back to Belfast the cantilever crane if only in a smaller scale, the work on the crane will start early 2011 and hopefully be finished early summer of that year when the crane is finished we are hoping to find a good home for it and it will go on permanent display somewhere in Belfast city(more updates on the crane when available).

The last big outing of the Club(2010)

Thanks to Samuel and the clubs activities of this year the CMC have been asked by a Belfast library to put on an array of models and a history of Meccano for about an eight week period. Starting in early December to end January, the club are delighted to be able to put on an array of models that will be a lasting feature of the festive period and hopefully draw out more meccano men out of the closet as we know that we still haven't looked under every stone for potential club members. Unfortunately the space allocated to the club will not allow for some of the super models to come out of hiding for the period, we do know that there are some new smaller editions to the club that will make for interesting viewing and hopefully shine a little light for the young meccano builder.

This years CMC activities

The CMC this year have been as busy as ever and have done six shows under the wings of other clubs. One of the most important shows is the railway show in Bangor(March). Every year the CMC attend the show and put on a fantastic array of models with the intention of growing the club and showing the visitors to the show the fine models the CMC have in their arsenal. This year as well as impressing the spectators we even impressed the North Down Model Railway Club members who voted the CMC as the best non railway exhibit. That was a good reward for all the hard work that the club members had put in in this years calender. Thanks Guys

CMC Meccano Cat Track

Ian Wilson (The Chair) in the past had seen some of the eye catching tracked machines made with Meccano and after doing a little research noted that caterpillar track was not available to every builder that wanted to bring movement to their model. He was also bitten by the tracked bug and with a future model that he wanted to create after studying various systems out there and the pressing equipment in the CMC tool room. He sat to work to see what he could come up with in a way with a fully functioning cat track system. After many months of turmoil and advice from spanner the system was then finished and is now also added to the parts page. We would also like to thank one dedicated spanner from New Zealand that has purchased a complete set to build a John Deere tracked loading shoval.

Interest outside the club

The CMC have been very fortunate in two other large magazines doing a feature on some of the clubs activities . if you are a member of the Sheffield MG or Runnymede MG look out for any articles that the magazines have covered. We very much welcome and thank those of you that have taken your time to add our small club to your magazine.

CMC Home grown Parts

The club now have finished most of the work on the home grown parts and we have now added a new page to the website with all the relevant information including prices and finishes. There are other tools still in the progress stage and as the tools are finished we will be adding the parts to the parts list. So keep checking in with the website for any new additions.
The parts that we offer are made to a very high standard and are made to add to the meccano range.

There is also plans underway to produce flate plates from 3-hole upto 48" to 11-hole to 48" and also the standard sizes that were available from times of old.

Work in Progress

Some of the Club members are working on a project that at present is a little bit hush hush, Gerald Agnew from Agnew Engineering in Laurencetown has kindly come on board with the club to help out in this project in whatever way he can at present the project is very secretive but if you keep a wee eye on this space in the near future all will be revealed the CMC Members wish to thank Gerald Agnew for his time and consideration on this project we are working on

Clare Vintage Threshing Day

The CMC were invited back to be part of their show as one of the attractions. The CMC was represented by Ian,Samuel and Mark this was a great event with alot of interest being showin in the lead up to our own exhibition See pictures. here

Wanted: Meccano!

The Corlust Meccano Club is always looking for more Meccano. Of course, we will gladly accept donations! If you are interested in selling Meccano, the Corlust Meccano Club would be delighted to negotiate. We have ambitious plans to build some impressive models and need all the Meccano we can get!

Shop Display Models

The pictures of the Meccano Shop Display Models has been added click the following link to view here

Selwyn's Website

Selwyn Johnston played an integral role in Nov. 01 2008 Enniskillen Exhibition. He is the organiser of the Headhunters Barber Shop and Railway Museum. You can visit his website here.

Next CMC Exhibition!

The CMC are back again in Bangor with another spectacular show at Clandeboye Rd Primary School on Friday 12th June!!!

Last club exhibition

After the North Down event, the CMC were invited back to Bangor to the first Bangor Railway club on Friday, May 22nd and Saturday, May 23rd.

Bangor North Down Railway Soceity !UPDATE!

All eight of the CMC's members will be attending the Bangor North Down Railway Soceity's event. We will be showcasing some of our handiwork which is railway oriented. You will NOT want to miss seeing them!.

More Photos added!

Yet more photos have been added to the site - check out the VERY FIRST PICTURE of Daniel Wilson's Meccano - here (scroll down to see). Also, check out updates to Tom's, Frank's, Stuart's, Ron's and Mark's pages!

More Photos added!

The Corlust Meccano Club was represented at the annual Clare Vintage Club's ploughing day. To see some of the pictures go here.

Bangor North Down Railway Society Event!

Bangor North Down Railway Society has kindly invited the Corlust Meccano Club to its two day event, which is the biggest of its kind in the North! We are honoured to be invited and thank the Bangor North Down Railway Society for its kind invitation. This event will be held on 18th & 19th April, 2009. We would love to see you there!

"Irish Vintage Scene" Feature!

Recently, the Corlust Meccano Club met with the Irish Vintage Scene magazine (a tractor and car magazine) . In their next monthly issue, they will be publishing a feature on the club!

Overseas Members Welcome!

This club exists for people who are passionate about Meccano. We love to get to know people who share this passion, no matter where you are! If you do not live in Ireland or the United Kingdom, we still welcome your participation and invite you to become a member of the club. For the nominal fee of 5, you can become a member of the Corlust Meccano Club. You will receive a quarterly email newsletter keeping you informed of all things related to the club. You will receive a membership badge. We will place a small number of your Meccano pictures on our site.

Club chairman, Ian Wilson, is waiting to hear from YOU!

Official Launch!

The Corlust Meccano Club website officially launched on Friday, Feb. 07, 2009!! We hope you like it. Keep checking back as we plan to keep it updated and interesting! More photos will be on the way soon ...

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Corlust Meccano club will be held on Friday, October 2nd. If you are interested in attending to meet the club members and learn more about the club, please contact the club chairperson, Ian Wilson.