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Tom Watson's Photos

All of these pictures are of Tom Watson's Meccano. Click image to see larger picture.

One of Tom's express loco Giant Meccano block setting crane Meccano crane
Meccano double ended steam loco Meccano Saddletank Superb 4-6-2 Meccano Express Loco
Tom's dockside crane with grandchildren having a ball Tom's front bogie for a surprise train (working progress) Tom's renault F1 Car
A expres loco Built by Tom A small but beautiful express loco by Tom Toms Miniture railway breakdown crane
Toms pacific tank loco Toms Small train to go on n-gauge Tom's completed Double deck Tram
Toms Bluebird Racer Toms French cabed lorries Toms Lovely Meccano Ferris Wheel
Toms Meccano Spider Toms Mini RC Cars Toms Miniture steam Roller
Toms Mountain Loco Tom's Dockside crane Tom's large Tower Crane
Toms Waliking Machine Two of Toms Harrier Jump Jets Toms Dumper Truck
Toms 0-6-0 Steam Engine A very Small Saddle tank engine Toms Giant Block setting crane