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October. 2009 Exhibition

Our own footage of Northern Ireland's Meccano Exhibition in October 2009:

Nov. 2008 Exhibition

Our own footage of Northern Ireland's first Meccano Exhibition on 1st November 2008:

The 1st November 2008 Exhibition was covered by the BBC! The following links supply some of it's coverage.

  1. BBC Newsline Report - view here.
    • "Nuts and bolts - spanners and allen keys - Meccano model kits have entertained young people for years - but do they still fire the imagination of the computer game generation?" - BBC Website.

  2. Extra Meccano Material - view here.
    • "Take a ride through Enniskillen aboard Maeve - a 1918 Showmans Steam Tractor which was initially used as a threshing machine in Norfolk" - BBC website.

  3. Maeve - view here.
    • "It was commandeered by the Ministry of Munitions during the Second World War and saw service in France towing guns for 4 years. It then received a new lease of life travelling around England with various funfairs. It has been restored to its former glory by Finn Lynch from Dundalk who now attends many steam rally events in Ireland where Maeve remains a star attraction. It has also inspired many Meccano modellers to build their own traction engines." - BBC Website